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At present, the dressings used in wound treatment in hospitals are mainly traditional cotton swabs and cotton balls. Traditional dressings can only cover and absorb a small amount of blood in wound treatment, which can no longer satisfy patients who seek safer and more comfortable medical experience. demand.

Product advantages

With the progress of society and the improvement of medical standards, people have put forward higher standards and requirements for the use of medical devices. Tie Keshu's new type of wound dressing not only does not change the nurse's usage habits, but is more comfortable and easy to use than other ordinary wound dressings.

1. The silk material and hypoallergenic solvent glue ensure more comfortable application!

2. The exclusive patented new structure ensures extremely convenient clinical operation!

3. Jagged edges, easy to take blood from baby's fingertips!

4. It is convenient to press, which greatly reduces the chance of bruising, black and purple!

5. It is not easy to produce medical waste, which helps the department to assess!

6. Sterile products, safer to use!

Product Introduction

1. This product is mainly composed of silk cloth + medical sub-sensitive adhesive + absorbent pad.

2. The absorbent pad is composed of high-absorbent cotton fiber and anti-adhesion film to absorb exudate to protect the puncture point.

3. Soft and comfortable silk cloth and high-quality hypoallergenic pressure-sensitive adhesive are applied to the skin, and the puncture point is perfectly covered with an absorbent pad.

4. The simple and reasonable product design makes it easier to press the puncture point and reduces the occurrence of blood stasis and dark purple around the wound.

5. The S-knife easy-to-tear structure with exclusive patent design makes clinical application more convenient and more in line with operating specifications.

Scope of application

Covering and protecting embedding patch after intravenous injection, blood sampling, and transfusion puncture, used to protect the wounded part after embedding.

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